I’m resting today. Weekend was too alcoholic.

I feel extremely tired after being under the influence of alcohol the whole weekend. I drank every evening for three nights in a row. After you’ve previously cut down a lot it knocks you right off track. It was nice to have a few chilled days while we were in the euro final but now it’s back to normal. I have a lot on this week from tomorrow. I have to make sure I’m sobered up and not too tired to function. I’m also drinking water for a change. I can’t sleep the whole day but probably will drop off for a bit. I was still awake at 5 am. I even made some oven chips in the middle of the night because I just felt so hungry. I never normally do that but maybe all the diet changes to lose weight is starting to affect me. I can expect my diet efforts to go straight out the window after the vast amount of calories I put away this weekend.