Restrictions being lifted, racism and life in general.

I heard that the restrictions are definitely being lifted in England next week. I’m not sure whether it’s the right time but we are going to have to go back to normal at some point. There’s going to be an explosion of cases after the football and Wimbledon anyway. We just all have to try to be sensible when the social distancing and mask requirements are dropped. I’m not sure how many people actually have common sense in this country after the antics of the euros aftermath. People attacked the England players for missing the penalties using their race. It’s not even fair to be having a go at them for losing. They did the best that they could given the type of team that they were up against (the cheating scum bags known as the Italy team, pulling us over, tripping us up and kicking us during the game). They tried their best and even getting to the final was a major achievement for them. Their race shouldn’t be something used against them even if people are annoyed that we didn’t win the final. These players are just youngsters. One of them is just 19 years old. That is the age when you really take things people say to heart. It isn’t fair to put the blame on their shoulders. They may give up their dreams because of stupid people attacking them on a personal level. I know what it’s like to be attacked for aspects of who you are that aren’t a choice. Those that pick on someone’s race are low lives. These people need to grow up.

I was just watching a program on television where a blogger got approached by a publisher to turn her blog topic (being from a skint background) after being recognised by a well know journalist(name not mentioned). She’s got a massive house now. Why can’t I be that lucky when I will be needing to move in April next year? I could do with that kind of fluke luck at the moment. If it went well I wouldn’t have to rent I could buy a place.

I’m resting today. Weekend was too alcoholic.

I feel extremely tired after being under the influence of alcohol the whole weekend. I drank every evening for three nights in a row. After you’ve previously cut down a lot it knocks you right off track. It was nice to have a few chilled days while we were in the euro final but now it’s back to normal. I have a lot on this week from tomorrow. I have to make sure I’m sobered up and not too tired to function. I’m also drinking water for a change. I can’t sleep the whole day but probably will drop off for a bit. I was still awake at 5 am. I even made some oven chips in the middle of the night because I just felt so hungry. I never normally do that but maybe all the diet changes to lose weight is starting to affect me. I can expect my diet efforts to go straight out the window after the vast amount of calories I put away this weekend.