Whether football ‘comes home’ or not tomorrow… it’s probably going to ‘kick off’.

I’ve looked at both England’s record and Italy’s. I think we have both got an equal chance of winning. The problem is that either result is probably going to cause a look of drunken crazy antics. If we do happen to win then the streets are most likely going to be full of drunken people celebrating. I will be driving back from my relatives tomorrow after the match finishes. I hope no drunk people start walking on the road etc. They walk in front of cars yet it is still the drivers fault. In the event that we lose it’s probably still going to kick off. Football fans don’t like their team losing. Full grown men turn into stroppy toddlers. Fights, domestic violence and antisocial behaviour is probably going to occur. It’s like when there is competitions, such as football, people seem to get overly wrapped up in stupidity and completely antisocial behaviour. People have a few drinks and think they can either do stupid things without getting hurt or square up to someone else which leads to fights etc. They are the minority but there is enough to cause trouble and chaos. I think it’s most likely going to kick off either way whether we win or lose. There’s going to be no happy medium there.