Well that was a long night to end up losing.

I’m disappointed but I kind of had the feeling we weren’t going to quite do it. I pulled these cards (see below) before the game started. Reversed aces are never a great sign. The obstacles card came up as balanced which kind of does look like it was predicting a draw in regards to goals. The outcome card could mean anything as it points to teamwork. The hopes and feelings card was reversed devil but that is not a major part of this reading. It would have been so refreshing to actually be winners as a country for once. We tried hard. Both teams gave it their all which is why it lasted so long.

2 thoughts on “Well that was a long night to end up losing.

  1. Going out on penalties: well I suppose it’s the English way.

    I actually looked on Twittarse and ended up just blocking loads of people who were making shitty comments about England, classist comments about England fans, racist comments about the players and decided that my decision to generally stay off that hell-site is the correct one.

    And I still dunno what all the various tarrots mean. Some goth hippy woman in a computer game read my tarot and started going on about inverted stuff and I was just left thinking “but I dunno what it means when it’s the right way up.”


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