Someone needs to say this… so I’m going to be the one.

I’m making this statement because I’ve heard the same thing again and again by people who work for social services (especially children’s services). These plans that they are so insistent that help families. The same plan format doesn’t work for all types of families. The one we got put on actually went completely against the pre birth psychological report recommendations which were done to say what would or wouldn’t work with my autism. There is absolutely no point in having these plans carried out if they’re just going to have a default plan for all without taking into account recommendations for success. The one that they put us on pre birth while I was waiting for my son to be born made me ill with the stress towards the end of my pregnancy. I ended up having to visit the hospital to check blood pressure for the last fortnight because it kept shooting up. It got ten times worse when he was born. I wasn’t allowed on my own with my son until they’d carried out all their work (could take months). It wasn’t practical for them to ask me to live at my mums, we are bad enough with the ability to stand each other without a crying baby in the mix. She didn’t like the crying more than me. The fact that I had never had a baby before so I had no idea what I was doing also got held against me. I wasn’t given the space to learn adjustments. It was merely thrust as me while I was having to please an audience. You don’t need that stress when you’ve just had a baby. The pre birth plan told them not to do that kind of plan. Under normal circumstances I would be able to perform like a circus seal for approval when needed but I was not myself after giving birth to my son.

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