I didn’t even want to get up today.

I told my mum that I wasn’t going to hers today and got guilt tripped. The fact that I feel like complete crap is nothing personal. I’m only on a walk to wake up. I’ve got so much housework to do when I get home. It’s full of bits and dust that need getting up with vacuum cleaner. I will just get worse allergies if I don’t do it. Don’t even get me started on the state of my hair. That’s a mess so I’ve tied it up in a pony tail. I have alcohol for the game tonight but half of me is thinking we probably won’t be celebrating. We just aren’t they lucky as a country nowadays. I wasn’t around in 66 but I hear it definitely was completely different from now. Other countries still have that sense of community whereas we just don’t have it anymore. We would rather say screw you toward each other than be helpful to someone else to improve their circumstances. Apparently, although I weren’t born so I can’t confirm, that is how England used to be back in 66. We need a closer community thing going on to be more successful in all aspects of this country. Instead, we would rather block and ignore others rather than fix anything here. This has become an English culture. This has also been encouraged by the English authorities and in case that conditioned attitude isn’t going to help us in such competitions that are happening today.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t even want to get up today.

  1. Lots of positive stuff still happens, it’s just that the media revels in negativity and making everything look shit. I feel a lot happier now that I don’t follow the news; it’s not like I’m any more ignorant for ignoring it either. On the contrary, I’m probably less ignorant now I’m not listening to the lying gits.

    I’ve pretty much quit Twittarse entirely for the same reason: it’s ended up being mostly a self-selected group of people with the most extreme opinions one way or the other, all shouting at each other, as well as being a back door for the MSM to sneak back into my consciousness. I’d rather not, thanks.


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