I need a break from… people. I also have a rant for the ungrateful.

I have been quiet today because I was catching up on sleep. That wasn’t my fault last night. Upstairs decided to have a blazing row at quarter to 3 this morning. I gave up on the idea of sleeping until at least 5 am when everything had gone quiet again. I got woken up by the post this morning and wasn’t even fully awake when I answered the door so fell back to sleep for a while. I can’t go into specifics because it will be identifying people and I don’t want any trouble for any opinions I’ve expressed in high is more likely now the blog is getting more popular. I’ve seen many couples arguing about child arrangements recently. If there is one thing I cannot stand it’s ungrateful people. Your child’s other parent may be a complete dickhead but at least you get to see your children. That’s more than a lot of us who have lost children to social services and the ‘forced’ adoption (court ordered) system. Quit moaning at each other and appreciate what you actually have in life! I’m a stranger to my son and he thinks that the if no want adopters are his real parents. They showed that as the person who gave them their family life… they have absolutely no respect for me otherwise they would have written me back when I tried to reach out a few years after his adoption. It’s not like I’m hard to track down. 2 minutes on google search brings up my blog. Some of us are treated like we are absolutely nothing! That is all down to stigma and ignorance. We aren’t seen as people despite whatever may be written in law. There are people in this are that get housing from the council/housing associations easily and easy access to support. Then there are those of us who have to fight to get everything we should be entitled to as disabled people. The system then turns around to us and just tells us we have to accept our situations. That would be only fair or stigma and ignorance about certain types of illnesses were eradicated and it became an even fair judgment from those in the system which do assessments for support etc.

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