Ever felt too tired to ‘do life’?

I haven’t slept yet when I should have done to be able to get up in the morning to collect my glasses mid day. I am slowly getting sleepy as I keep yawning. I am too hot so also ended up kicking duvet cover off my legs. I keep feeling an ache above my ankle still so I don’t think it’s healed completely but it’s a lot better. I’m sure this is an actual thing but does anyone else feel like they are too tired to do life? I’m not even talking about the big stuff. The small parts of life like getting up feels like climbing a hill. I’m just worn out completely. I miss when I used to have even a bit of energy. I struggle to not get overwhelmingly tired even just going for a walk (admittedly they are on the long side but I’m used to those distances). It probably hasn’t helped dragging an injured ankle around due to feeling like excess weight. Then there is the excess weight which I have gained over lockdown. Maybe I’m just not used to being this heavy. I was always quite petite and didn’t even weigh in double figures until a few years ago (apart from the time I was in my early 20s due to medication). Mentally I’m also just done with everything. The brain fog is stopping me functioning properly. Emotionally I don’t even feel stuff nowadays. I know that most of us end up dead inside as we go through life. This is like being dead and rotting inside.