Reluctantly got up today but got everything done.

I didn’t even want to get up again today. I feel a huge mess. I’m still tired but I got up and did everything. I made my phone calls to sort out the housing situation. I’ve got an appointment with them now. I had filled out the application for housing online during the night so all the details were ready to use. I had to ring the gp surgery for evidence of my disabilities. I accidentally cut myself off trying to hold my mobile phone to my ear as I didn’t want to put it on speaker phone as I was multitasking and didn’t want the person at the other end to realise I had my attention elsewhere. The appointment was made by then so I didn’t ring back as the council worker had done what I needed. I wasn’t intentionally being rude, it just happened.

I nearly got myself into a debate on TikTok regarding someone saying that the boy on the video I shared should have consequences for his actions (police restraining in classroom one I tweeted a few days ago). People commented that really don’t have a clue. Why should the failed special needs kids be punished? I went down that road so I have enough experience to know first hand about what I’m putting over as my view. The ignorant who don’t know this kind of life don’t have to agree with me but don’t dare tell me that I’m wrong. We all ended up down different paths. You’re fortunate that you’ve never lived that one that you decided to comment about negatively. I can predict that boys future right now I’d the authorities don’t stop failing those types of kids. He will be prepped for a criminal label and used to meet those targets (the ones that people in authority deny exist but it’s a load of crap, if money wasn’t involved then vulnerable adults wouldn’t be treated the way that they have been for years). He will then be directed into an institution or prison. Places where they just lock the unsuccessful up and hope that they can drug them up so much that they are zombies that just exist but don’t actually have any ability to function enough to be an issue. They won’t complain about their lack of care or the way others are towards them because the medication will subdue them enough to put up with anything cruel done towards them. That is the predicted reality for children failed by the system when it comes to special needs! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I nearly ended up that way myself but for the random luck I had to avoid that future. I’m still not allowed a normal life but I’m more free that a lot similar to me.

England won tonight after 55 years. Time to get my own act together tomorrow.

We actually got through to the finals of a football tournament after 55 years. I was watching when they scored the 2nd goal so maybe I’m not a jinx after all. I don’t think anyone expected us to win because it was a draw for a long time. The match ended up so long. 90 minutes + 6 minutes and then 30 minutes extra time. 126 minutes is a long time, that is how I ended up watching it because I turned it on thinking the thing had finished. It turned out well for us at the end so it was worth the extra stress for those of us watching on television and at the stadium. I’m not even a football fan but still felt the stress waiting for it to end so that it was confirmed we had won. The rain is still being absolutely ridiculous! It seems to have been raining for hours.

On a positive note, I managed to get my car parked in the flat car park. It took me three days but there happened to be two spaces when I got home tonight. The grass outside is getting wetter with the rain that we have had over a few days. I don’t want to park my car on there if there is any other option. The car might sink a bit if the water keeps collecting in the grass. It’s someone else’s turn to park elsewhere as I’ve done that the last three nights.

I really need to get my own act together tomorrow. I need to make the phone calls that I’ve been putting off regardless of how futile that option may be. At least I’m on the list even if I end up some how finding somewhere to rent privately. I also need to discuss the future rent levels with the housing department because wherever I move will be more expensive due to the private rental levels rising recently. I’m best off throwing everything at the wall and seeing what options end up successful. I can’t sleep all day despite the fact that I’m feeling exhausted constantly at the moment. I love sleep too much. If I had the option to go out or sleep I’d probably not want to leave my bed. That’s a bad thing but maybe I’m just worn out too much at the moment.