I haven’t done anything today.

I didn’t get up until extremely late today. That is why people haven’t heard from me. I genuinely wasn’t feeling up to doing anything. I need to do things from tomorrow (I won’t watch the football because it will give them bad luck) due to having to have a word with council about my impending enforced move next year. I got a message on Friday saying that I could put myself on the housing list… but we all know I’m not seen as a priority so I’ll probably never get a place. I wasn’t going to ring them back until I knew what was happening anyway. I literally ended up knocked out due to tiredness most of the day. The place is beginning to smell so I need to do some cleaning and find all the places where mister has most likely peed but I didn’t see him. I just feel wiped at the moment so all I end up doing is sleeping. Not just sleeping but it’s like someone has knocked me out. I can’t move for hours due to having no energy. I had to drag myself out of bed even when I did finally surface today.