I haven’t done anything today.

I didn’t get up until extremely late today. That is why people haven’t heard from me. I genuinely wasn’t feeling up to doing anything. I need to do things from tomorrow (I won’t watch the football because it will give them bad luck) due to having to have a word with council about my impending enforced move next year. I got a message on Friday saying that I could put myself on the housing list… but we all know I’m not seen as a priority so I’ll probably never get a place. I wasn’t going to ring them back until I knew what was happening anyway. I literally ended up knocked out due to tiredness most of the day. The place is beginning to smell so I need to do some cleaning and find all the places where mister has most likely peed but I didn’t see him. I just feel wiped at the moment so all I end up doing is sleeping. Not just sleeping but it’s like someone has knocked me out. I can’t move for hours due to having no energy. I had to drag myself out of bed even when I did finally surface today.

Fed up at a stupid hour, cat antics and antidepressant withdrawal.

I slept a lot of the day so I’m not able to sleep yet. I also end up feeling unsettled due to missing my antidepressant yesterday.

I just let the cat out because he was being a pain sat at the window meowing for me to open it. He peed on the curtain in protest because I was reluctant to let him out. I’m always cleaning up after him. He can be a pain in the ass full of attitude if he wants something but you’re ignoring him. I’m tired enough all the time as it is without mister causing me twice as much work. He has been good recently but tonight he ruined his streak of good behaviour. I knew it wouldn’t last long. He’s sweet most of the time but his naughty streak causes chaos. I understand that he is a cat. They scratch and pee in places sometimes. His sister sometimes has to be reminded not to scratch furniture etc but with him it’s quite a regularly occurrence.

The rain is doing my head in at the moment. It’s like it just won’t stop. It’s been constant for hours. It looks like the rain is going to be here most of tomorrow too. I couldn’t even get my car in the block of flat car park. It is constantly full at the moment. This happens every year around the same few months. Many of these cars I’m sure don’t belong here due to them not being owned by people who live in the flats. I’ve had go park my car half on the pavement and half on the grass. I would normally shove it on the grass verge outside our car park but the weather has been too wet to park the entire car on the grass. It would sink into the grass due to the weight and might get stuck. I shouldn’t have to park there though. I technically pay for a space when I rent my flat as it comes with a parking spot. We have permits given to us by the council for ourselves and one for visitors. They have a sign up saying that it’s residents only. However, the sign is just ignored and the council never clamp anyone who isn’t supposed to be using the spaces. That means people will continue to use the spaces when they don’t live here. They need to be fined or clamped which will put others off from using the car park unauthorised.