TikTok brings people together who think they’re alone.

I was watching TikTok earlier. There was an empath on there saying it’s common for us to get ghosted (blocked or blanked by others). I’m glad that it’s a common occurrence as I know I’m not the only one now. Do others think we enjoy seeing / sensing stuff about others that is none of our business? I don’t like dreaming things before they happen. I’d rather be none the wiser regarding future events like non empathic people. That’s why I’ve learned to numb myself so that I get a break. I live in a small area, if I’m not picking something up, I’m hearing random gossip about others. At least I ask whether that gossip is true rather than letting people talk behind others backs without realising. Some of the things aren’t very nice and quite damaging so it’s only right someone gives them a heads up. I’ve had it done to me and wish others would let me know rather than being totally unaware.