Making money online isn’t as easy as people make it seem.

This generation is busy making money via TikTok and previously YouTube. There is a mass of people saying that you can definitely make money online easy. That isn’t strictly true. It’s harder than those that have been successful tell others. Then there is onlyfans which I don’t know enough to comment on that platform. You need to get a huge following before you can even plan to try to make money. I keep getting approached for collaborations when I post photos of the cats etc on Instagram but none of that is paid opportunities. I have only been on TikTok since early this year and only nearly have 500 followers. On Instagram and Twitter I have just over 2000 followers. I’ve been on both Instagram and Twitter for quite a few years. I’ve only just started getting more followers recently after learning how to market the blog etc. I can write okay enough to earn but you have to be extremely lucky to write a book that actually either sells self published or gets traditionally published. I did successfully self publish a small autobiography about being a female autistic when I was in my early 20s. There is much more competition nowadays since more people aren’t going down the traditional publishing route. There’s so many more people choosing to self publish which adds to the competition. You have to have the marketing / selling skills.

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  1. “You have to have the marketing / selling skills.”

    And, quite often, rather “flexible” ethics; and more than anything, luck. One of the biggest growth areas tends to be people who will help you market stuff for a fee: but of course they’re the only ones who see any money from it.

    The whole thing is a massive pain in the arse and I think ultimately only works if you’re selling something tangible like on Etsy, and even then you have to be wary of being scammed. Overall I think I prefer much less stressful and risky means of expressing my creativity, though I appreciate it’s a different matter when one needs to make a living from it.

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