I sleep for a few hours and wake up to a full phone.

I got a few hours sleep after another whole night of no sleep. I woke up to texts and phone calls telling me that the flat is now being managed by the estate agent who came to take photos for sale. I’ve felt like I’m not really a person today. It may just be my tiredness and I missed my antidepressant which doesn’t help. Anyway, at least I no longer have to feel difficult dealing with people who have said I’m basically a threat or whatever. That really hurt me. That means they have no understanding fir my disability whatsoever otherwise they wouldn’t see it that way. I feel rejected quite a lot because my bpd side tries to tell me no one likes an evil person. I try not to believe I’m evil but it is hard when I blame myself for everything in the past. Others had a part to play but in my mind I’m constantly telling myself that I’m the issue and ruin things every time. The fact that when I’m annoyed I don’t hold back on anything that others probably wouldn’t mention is also something that doesn’t help.

I need to find out how to register mister and Mimi as official emotional support animals because that means I have a stronger argument if I move to a place that isn’t officially allowing pets. It’s harder for emotional support animals to be discriminated against. They technically do help me with my autism, so it wouldn’t be inaccurate. I have Mimi sat next to my head as I’m typing this entry. She was sleeping next to my head when I was sleeping.