I guess it’s closer to coming home!

England 4 – Ukraine 0…. well that means football is closer to coming home. I proved my point though. I didn’t see any of the goals scored because each time I wasn’t in front of the television. The first one was scored before I even turned on to the game. The other goals were scored when I left the television on but went off to go in the bath and tidy up a bit. I did say that they’d have a better chance of winning if I wasn’t actually watching them. I’m just not naturally a lucky individual and it rubs off on anything I’m watching. Apparently, it’s a thing for some people. Things only go well for whatever when they’re not involved in any way. I seem to be one of those ‘walking jinx’s’. That is how it’s always been for me. I can only assume that my karma from a previous life is coming from something I did that was extremely bad. You don’t get this many years of bad luck unless you did something horrendous in a previous life. Anyway, I prevented my karma from jinxing anything by proxy so England could have a chance of winning.

4 thoughts on “I guess it’s closer to coming home!

  1. Is this that thing with the ball? I found out thanks to this notification and some arse setting off bangers to celebrate, which made me nearly jump out of my skin. Ironically, I was reading about something Ukrainian at the time (yeah, it’s still the Chernobyl stuff).

    Bloody football. Hate, etc.

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      1. About the football or Chernobyl? Or just as a general observation? They don’t smile much but not so much due to unhappiness, just that it’s considered vulgar to smile in public or something like that.

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