Everyone seems to be hyped up for the England game.

I went out briefly today. I’m sitting in the car with the air conditioning on for a while because it’s quite hot out there. There’s so many people hyped up for the England game tonight. I’m not going to actually watch it (as I said before it’s probably better luck for them if I don’t watch them play. I have the alcohol in the fridge in the event that they do win for celebration reasons. I’m not drinking a lot though because I’m trying to keep cutting down. On the plus note, a 10 pack of those little bottles used to last me 3 days tops (I know I developed an issue) but I still have 4 left. I can only drink 2 max a night now. I hope that they win but I won’t get my hopes up. We have performed badly for 56 years… is it going to change at this point? It’s been so long. I doubt we will win the whole competition. It depends who wins another game and gets into the final. We have no chance if it’s against a better team.