And I woke up alone… dreams are so cruel.

I fell asleep earlier because I didn’t sleep a lot last night. I also can’t walk today because my ankle needs to rest. I felt the bones in my leg above my ankle complaining last night. That didn’t help me get to sleep. I can use my ankle nearly normally now but sometimes it just gets a bit worn out. The strength hasn’t come back in it properly yet. It’s getting better but not there yet. I have to be careful not to be over enthusiastic with the exercise in case that causes it to go backwards again. It still swells a little but nothing like the way it has been.

Then I had a dream after I fell asleep earlier. That was cruel because once again I saw someone who I’m probably never going to see or even speak to again in waking life. They’ve kept appearing in my dreams on and off for over a year. I hadn’t even thought about them for ages so there was no reason why they should start appearing in dreams. They blocked me on fb when we were at college so I just forgot about them. They told me that they were married in this dream. That made me realise that I just want to be friends at the most. I don’t think I ever liked them in that way. We all get crushes that don’t last long. Most of those people end up being friends instead. I do care but no longer fancy them in that way. I woke up after the dream feeling so lonely. I don’t normally feel lonely but I realised the reality that in waking life it’s mostly just me and the cats. That makes me sad.