I’m so glad today is over.

I did today on very little sleep. I even went for a walk this afternoon despite being tired. It’s made me feel a lot better so I’m not complaining. I look better than I normally do so maybe getting up when I’m tired isn’t such a bad idea. It’s nice to walk in the reasonable weather but it was a bit hot today. I actually don’t look pale for once which makes a change. I’m getting walks in before the weekend, it’s going to be raining the whole weekend. I don’t feel like I’m loosing weight yet because I still have the bloating stage going on. The heat doesn’t help that fat feeling. I had a mushroom stir fry tonight so I am trying to not eat the wrong stuff. I feel stronger both physically and mentally since I started eating healthy and exercising.

I have finally got the nerve to book and make myself go for my smear test (I chickened out the last time). I phoned the gp surgery while I was on my walk. I also phoned the council to discuss the housing situation. I wasn’t keen due to the fact that they aren’t that helpful …. I’m a vulnerable adult so apparently they have a legal obligation. I’m trying to be in front of the situation because time goes by faster than we expect quite a lot. This year has gone fast… it’s July already! Someone on the radio reminded us that it’s only 6 months until Christmas. Nooo, just stop it! Please.

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