Awake at a stupid hour x 100 plus nights in total. / we are living in a toxic world.

I have lost count of the hours I’m awake during night time. I should be asleep because I was up all day with very little sleep the night before. I’ve laid here for hours but can’t sleep. I’m probably not typing in sentences properly. I’m too tired to use my brain to construct proper sentences at the moment. Mister, the cat, has decided to fall asleep next to me. He was outside when I went to bed. I swear it’s getting hot again. I’m glad that I’m not in America at the moment. I heard someone refer to it as being in a fire pit. Their heat is trapped there at the moment which makes it more unpleasant. Climate change due to the global warming thing is definitely starting to become more evident nowadays.

We live in a world full of toxic chemicals. They even put them in our foods/drinks. I can taste some of those chemicals because my autism makes me sensitive enough to know if there is anything unnatural in a food/drink product. I can tell when supermarket products change ingredients in their food. Tesco changed something in one of their pizzas we used to buy regularly. I never ate them ever again due to the taste being weird after they changed it. Then there’s goats milk. I used to have goats milk regularly pre pandemic… I just started buying it again instead of cows milk. The taste is not the same. It always had a distinctive tang to it but now it’s not much different taste from cows milk. They have definitely changed it. I bet they’ve added sugar or something else which it doesn’t need to change the taste. There was nothing wrong with the original taste so why change it? The cat never used to be sick after licking the goats milk from the remains of my cereal bowl either. I’ve now had to ban him from trying to drink out of it because of the effect it has on his stomach (he wasn’t happy but I don’t want him being sick all over the floor). Goats milk used to be ok in small amounts for him due to the reduced lactose content. I have to be careful myself because when I eat certain contents in dairy products it literally makes my stomach sore due to being intolerant to certain ingredients. I put up with it because I haven’t found an alternative to dairy products that I actually like the taste of at this point. I even keep reacting to eggs recently. They’ve never set my stomach off so badly. I ate them regularly when I was younger and that never happened. That is why I question what chemicals are added to food or fed to the chickens producing those supposedly free range eggs.