Some advice to younger people who are being written off by our current system.

I just want to quickly say something. Those that were written off as a child by our education system etc. Some of you may have learning disabilities but that doesn’t mean that you are actually not teachable. You may struggle with certain grade requirements but I promise it isn’t an impossibility to get at least a C which will get you onto most things if you prove that you’re an ideal candidate alongside not being an A grade student. It may take a little while longer (I was in my thirties) but you can get there. It took me a long time to get my head around maths but I don’t struggle any more. As long as you know how to work stuff out in every day life that extra stuff they make you do isn’t required. I was conditioned to think my brain had no hope of ever being intelligent and that it was always a little slow. I’m finding out that my intelligence matches a lot of people that are considered non learning disabled. I can even perform better than some people who are classed as brainy. I have a much better memory (long term, short term is a bit iffy) than many people. I can remember details when others have some recollection but can’t recall the specific details. I sometimes have things done before so called normal people. I don’t require as much sleep as a ‘normal’ person. I still need more than I’m getting at the moment. I can sense things and dream things before they happen. So who is the insignificant humans now?

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  1. While there is such a thing as learning disabilities (well obvs.) there’re far too many cases where a supposed inability to learn is actually an inability to teach; especially if the person trying to learn has all sorts of other issues in their private life. It may not be ideal that a teacher has to find out about and understand these things, but someone has to and it’s not good enough for them to just shrug and say “not my problem”.

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