Coming out as BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder.

I was hinting at secrets when I last wrote a blog entry earlier. I couldn’t officially come out in that post because I was telling those I knew first. I’ve known that I was BPD for at least five years now. That was the assessment that I walked out at the time when the woman assessing me was rather awful to me. She still put it on my records because it was her conclusion of the assessment. I was initially diagnosed with autism as a teenager but I feel that I should be open about all my labels. I encourage others to be open but I’ve kept this side of me hidden. BPD is misunderstood more than autism and I want to change that by announcing this part of me. I have to officially announce it before I can post content saying how I experience life… if I don’t it’s going to confuse readers thinking I’m talking about my autism diagnosis. I class myself as dual diagnosed because I can see myself in both autism and BPD.

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  1. I find that quite bothersome; while it may be the case, the reason it bothers me is that so many autistic women are misdiagnosed with BPD (a.k.a. EUPD) because a clinician has such a basic failure to understand autism. It’s such a widespread problem that some systems apparently block a diagnosis of BPD if someone already has an ASD diagnosis.

    The other problem is that, whether or not the diagnosis is valid, it’s treated by far too many clinicians as a “dustbin diagnosis” and the patient is written off as simply being difficult, excluding them from all manner of other treatment, regardless of whether or not BPD would even be relevant. The BPD itself is often left untreated which is pretty sad because 1) it’s misnamed: it isn’t a personality disorder but a form of trauma caused by extreme social isolation; and 2) it’s apparently close to 100% treatable.

    I don’t know a lot about its treatment but it appears that a lot of it can be ameliorated by more social interaction and the skills that come with it that were never given a chance to develop naturally.

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