Some advice to younger people who are being written off by our current system.

I just want to quickly say something. Those that were written off as a child by our education system etc. Some of you may have learning disabilities but that doesn’t mean that you are actually not teachable. You may struggle with certain grade requirements but I promise it isn’t an impossibility to get at least a C which will get you onto most things if you prove that you’re an ideal candidate alongside not being an A grade student. It may take a little while longer (I was in my thirties) but you can get there. It took me a long time to get my head around maths but I don’t struggle any more. As long as you know how to work stuff out in every day life that extra stuff they make you do isn’t required. I was conditioned to think my brain had no hope of ever being intelligent and that it was always a little slow. I’m finding out that my intelligence matches a lot of people that are considered non learning disabled. I can even perform better than some people who are classed as brainy. I have a much better memory (long term, short term is a bit iffy) than many people. I can remember details when others have some recollection but can’t recall the specific details. I sometimes have things done before so called normal people. I don’t require as much sleep as a ‘normal’ person. I still need more than I’m getting at the moment. I can sense things and dream things before they happen. So who is the insignificant humans now?

It’s not going to be as easy … and eventually not easy for me.

The estate agent explained the ins and outs of selling the flat to me earlier. It’s definitely not going to be as easy as me or the landlord thought. The percentages of the asking price vs current rent (landlord hasn’t increased it for a while) doesn’t make the plan easy. I have a contract until April but apparently with notice I could push to be there until July. Apparently, the government changes are going to make it difficult. I can do some digging via the governments direction as I’m experience since that department. I’m familiar with legalities due to doing law degree modules for the last two years. It’s down to a tax situation which means estate agent fees have been put up to compensate (they don’t want to lose the vast amount of money they get from the property market). I’ve suggested an idea to the landlord to rebalance it which could help to get what they want from the situation. I’m not going into that on here because it would take me longer to write this entry. I’ve gone out for a walk so I can’t spend all day typing. And, apparently most places don’t take cats or any pets in general. They aren’t just pets, they are there to help with my autism. They aren’t officially a support pet but they are trained a certain way because they have lives with me since they were 11 weeks old. They know no other life. They are too mature to uproot so I may end up living back at mums for a while.

Coming out as BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder.

I was hinting at secrets when I last wrote a blog entry earlier. I couldn’t officially come out in that post because I was telling those I knew first. I’ve known that I was BPD for at least five years now. That was the assessment that I walked out at the time when the woman assessing me was rather awful to me. She still put it on my records because it was her conclusion of the assessment. I was initially diagnosed with autism as a teenager but I feel that I should be open about all my labels. I encourage others to be open but I’ve kept this side of me hidden. BPD is misunderstood more than autism and I want to change that by announcing this part of me. I have to officially announce it before I can post content saying how I experience life… if I don’t it’s going to confuse readers thinking I’m talking about my autism diagnosis. I class myself as dual diagnosed because I can see myself in both autism and BPD.