Month: July 2021

  • Attempting to move on.

    I’ve got to the point where I’m no longer controlled by what happened with my first child. Well, parts of me always will be a bit angry and upset because there are some things you just don’t get over completely in life. I’d you did completely get over certain things there would be something wrong […]

  • Things that are supposed to be a certain way but definitely isn’t.

    I keep seeing the thing about if someone appears in your dreams repeatedly they want to see you or miss you. I’m quite doubtful that this is actually true. I’ve seen someone I used to know multiple times in my dreams over the past year. If they missed me then you’d assume they would make […]

  • I do regret getting into this scene.

    I know that lots of younger people don’t believe us when we say that advocating for change is harder than it looks and takes over your entire life. I would give it all back if I could go back to being that 17 year old knowing what I knew now I’d not go near it. […]

  • This tiredness is ridiculous.

    I’ve been completely knocked out the entire day. I feel like I’ve been drugged. I stayed in my pjs the whole day again. I can’t carry on like this … I had some entertaining dreams which made absolutely no sense but at least it was better than no dreams whatsoever. I woke up to the […]

  • I managed to get up and out today.

    I thought that I wasn’t going to be making it out today because I didn’t want to move when I woke up. I had a bath when I woke up and a bath this evening after I came back from a walk. I have put all clean sheets on my bed and cleaned/tidied the flat […]