I’m not really an open book. / does anyone else go bloated after any exercise?

I know that everyone assumes in open about most of my life on here but I’m not. I’m not hiding anything. I just don’t want to discuss certain things. I tell you all never to be ashamed of who you are … however, I am made to feel ashamed of parts of my life. This means those things don’t get mentioned. I get enough judgement from people in my life without giving the internet a free platform to rip me too.

Has anyone ever noticed that a day after they’ve done a lot of exercise they go bloated? Or is it just me? I’m wearing the same trousers. I didn’t have a visible stomach in them yesterday but today I can see the bloat come up. You’d think it would be like that if I didn’t do any exercise. It’s like my muscles react as my thighs feel larger today too. Am I just the only one who reacts like this? Or do others get this after affect?

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