Another bad night.

I couldn’t sleep again. I may have slept too long during the day though. I went for a long walk so I should have been tired. I burnt off over 700 calories which should have worn me out. I had food when I got back because I was very hungry. I hadn’t eaten since the morning, it was late in the evening when I got back from my walk. I went a different way home in case I was being followed. I never saw that car again so my plan worked. It may have been innocent but I’ve seen that car and the guy driving it way too much when I’ve been out. I’d rather be cautious rather than not be and then something happens. If someone has been watching me they’ll know the routes I use regularly. That is why I had to change it a bit. I still got back before it got dark so it worked out.

I can at least walk with a support around my ankle comfortably now. It doesn’t swell up and hurt as long as I have the support around that joint. It helps to heal it if if I put ice on the joint after a warm bath because it takes any swelling down caused by the heat of the bath. Then it’s not painful when I’m attempting to try to sleep. I just have to not push it too far at this point so that it properly heals or doesn’t go backwards if I accidentally jolt it during exercise. It seems to be at least going in the right direction now. It’s my mind that is feeling a bit off at the moment. I’m stressed so easily as life goes back to normal after lockdown. I never felt any pressure to do anything during lockdown but now I do as things start to open up. I can’t use the excuse that I’m not allowed to do social stuff due to lockdown. If I say I’m not up to it then it sounds like I’m making an excuse. I can’t chill because there just never seems to be as much time as there used to be. There would be if I slept right but that doesn’t happen. I have to catch up with that and then lose time which results in me trying to catch up during the hours I’m awake.