I’ve had a very unsettled night.

I never sleep the night before I have plans. The estate agent is coming around this afternoon to do photos etc. I slept too much yesterday to get any sleep during the night. Then my cat decides to bring a dead mouse in twice. I put it out the first time and he decided to fetch it again. Then a few hours later both of the cats bundle in through the kitchen window fighting each other. They have finally worn themselves out and are now snoozing on my bed next to me. If they’re asleep then I know I’m going to get a bit of peace for a few hours. They (especially mister) like to have mad half hours during the early morning. He runs around the flat jumping on windowsills, jumping out the window and then running after birds outside. Then he runs back in being extremely vocal. Sometimes he jumps right on top of me if he decides to spring onto the bed. I’ve tried to discourage him from doing that recently because he kept landing on my injured ankle. I just want to get today over with… they were coming in the morning but I asked to change it to afternoon so that I have everything tidy. I wish they weren’t selling because either way it causes me issues. I’m stressed having to deal with estate agent appointments. I will have to move if they sell at end of contract. Both options are somewhat stressful. I just think the option I’ve chosen is the less stressful long term if it means I won’t have to move at the end of contract. I’m going to have to get through today’s visit and viewings but that’s less stressful than moving. If I don’t go through this then my only option will be having to move out at the end of the contract. I don’t want the hassle of moving all my stuff and it’s hard finding another place when you aren’t in official employment due to a disability. I know that I’m anxious. I can feel it as my stomach has hurt all night. This is what it’s like being autistic and knowing that you have to do things which aren’t in your comfort zone.