I’m not sure if I should be concerned.

I’ve constantly seen a car pass me while I’m walking for a few years. The guy only tried to give me a lift once. It’s that 555 ADR car I have mentioned previously. I see it too often for it to be a coincidence. I don’t mind if it’s a harmless stalker because he’s only stopped me once to ask if I wanted a lift. He may just be ironically delivering stuff where I happen to be walking. He was a delivery driver for a take away when he asked me if I wanted a lift that one time. Autism allows me to remember number plates and other strings of information. If I happen to go missing you’ve all got the above part of the registration number of the car that was lingering around while I was walking for a few years. I’m not stupid enough to ever get in a car but sometimes stalkers decide to grab their focus after a long time of trying to get them without any success.