I’m not going to be popular but I have to cancel today.

I know that to others I seem annoying when I have to cancel last minute. I’m not well because the stress of the situation has got to me. The fact that I barely slept doesn’t help the way my brain has gone today. I just can’t today but I have rearranged it for later this week. I’m hearing stuff that I know isn’t there. I’m not dieting that hard that I’m starting to hallucinate, it’s just stress. I never let myself get too hungry otherwise I do start to get a bit moody etc. I don’t like being awake even today. It’s not pleasant to be awake when you’re hearing stuff that isn’t there. It isn’t something that happens often but when it does I have to just reset myself. It’s my brain telling me I’ve pushed it to the limits of how much stress it can possibly take. So I have to rearrange everything because it will be too much today. If I ignore it then things don’t get done for longer because I’m pushing myself too far and subsequently won’t fully reset.