I dropped off and had another dream which was quite dark.

I was tired after struggling to sleep last night. I dropped off for a bit a few hours ago. I had a dream about the person I used to like. I technically banned her from my thoughts after everything that happened. That’s quite hard to do when you’re a person who naturally is able to pick things up. She’s not crossed my mind for ages. It was quite a dark dream. The dreams I had which featured her were always quite dark. The theme surrounding her appearance in my dreams are always the same. Psychological dark settings. That’s most likely because she had hurt me so any dreams with her involved are always negative. It involved a dark building with locked doors. I thought it was a prison at first but it was like stone walls which you’d find in back alleys or something. She was behind a locked door which I was breaking down for some reason (I would never do such a thing in waking life). She was randomly behind one of these doors. I didn’t know at first until I’d gone down all the random corridors. I had people after me who eventually said that they were no longer prepared to protect her after finding out she didn’t meet the criteria of being a certain religion or other stuff. At the end of the dream we were sat in a dark room just looking at each other. It wasn’t a positive feeling. The dreams that she had appeared in previously were all dark and not good. That is why I started to think that she naturally had certain things around her that was dark. Some people do collect that energy going through life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad and do deserve it. If someone is naturally sensitive to things then stuff can attach itself over someone’s lifetime without them being aware. It’s only those of us who are also able to pick things up that can feel it coming off their energy. It’s easy for energy to appear via dreams which explains why it’s always dark and negative.