Sleep isn’t going to happen tonight.

I’m still far too wound up to sleep tonight. I got so stressed out that I ended up feeling sick. I don’t feel that anyone takes into consideration that I also have feelings. People can’t see how much their views can upset me. I’m not a snowflake. I just cannot stand when others are so inaccurate about how they perceive things in life which they know nothing about. I was born old. One of those old souls that have reincarnated. I never liked being around my own age group. It doesn’t and never will feel natural to me. I won’t be happy if I settle with someone my own age. I feel like attitudes of others are pushing me to live my life in a way that doesn’t make me happy. People ask me if writing the blog helps me. It would if people actually listened and tried to understand what I’m saying. Otherwise, what is the point? I don’t see any point in trying to teach the world stuff when they only passively read it. I’m wasting my time and words on a population of idiots determined to hold onto their ignorant views.