News related: unacceptable rise of unauthorised contact with birth parents.

This entry isn’t planned but I just heard something on the radio news that I need to comment on as someone who has been involved in having their child ripped away for adoption. They’re talking about the rise of unauthorised contact between birth parents and the adoptees who are still under 18 years old. This is only half of the information. If you have experienced the way they’ve denied birth parents contact for random reasons justifying it with parts of the children’s act then you’d be able to see how that ‘unacceptable rise’ has arose. Then they go on about the majority of cases children are taken due to abuse and neglect. I accept that there are cases where the children simply cannot be with their parents due to those reasons.

We are all looked at the same if it’s happened to us… that isn’t fair. I never neglected or abused my son. I may have told a few others where to go after I had my son but it was never directed at him! I had a proper connection with another person for the first time in my life and the authorities ripped that away. I ended up feeling so lost. And as far as being in contact with my son before he reaches 18. I will do so if he wants to do so. I’m not going to ignore any social media messages I get from him I’d he decides to make a move when he’s a teenager. I’m not going to discourage him from coming back into my life at any point. I won’t approach him even if I do find out information. I will also tell him exactly what happened in case there have been any inaccurate facts relaid to him over the years. If there was inaccurate information handed over to the adopters then he will also have been fed them. I’m seen as the bad one, the enemy because of the side I am on by my circumstance. Others assuming that I somehow deserved all the punishments I got during my life. I use my anger to push for changes but I don’t see those changes happening. The people that take adopted children into their homes are still seen as completely innocent. They are just as bad when they believe the stories that they’re told about the birth families. There isn’t a malicious bone in my body. Those that know me in every day life know that I’m scared to fight. I have a fear of other people because of my experiences. I can’t even be untrue behind someone else’s back without feeling extremely guilty.