Started my weight loss attempt today.

I should have known that by sleeping for a lot of hours all in one go would lead to difficulty sleeping tonight. I’ve laid here for hours not being able to sleep. I am tired but it just isn’t happening tonight. I don’t even feel emotions right now. I’m numbed. I haven’t even drank alcohol. I think my mind is just done with life. It’s switched off because it’s felt too much sadness and stress. I only ate nearly 800 calories today as part of my effort to lose weight. You have to eat a reduced number of calories in comparison to what you need so that you can reduce weight. I do feel a bit hungry due to this being the first day I’ve tried it. That should not be an issue after a few days as my body will be used to eating less. I burnt about 400 calories on my walk (wasn’t long due to ankle injury flaring up again).

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