I had a dream again.

I was disappointed to wake up and realise that I had just been dreaming today. In this dream I was for some reason around the car park of the college where I did my GCSEs. In reality I probably never would be hanging around as I left under a cloud after clashing with managers. They basically banned me for being honest, my autism and that I was brave enough to tell them it wasn’t on. I could challenge it legally saying that they were aware that I was experiencing psychological distress, punished me for it, blamed me for reacting and play the gay discrimination card. Anyway, back to the dream, it was ironically July 19th (our new freedom day). I saw the person that I was interested in. I spoke to them in passing and they asked me if I wanted to go for a drink tomorrow night straight out! I woke up at that point. I know that they kept appearing in my dreams but I’m doubtful that they are interested. They never have to reached out to me since college. I do want to know them again but I was a student so it’s quite difficult. I’ve been left long enough to reconnect but so much occurred during the time I was traumatised that I never showed myself in a positive light.