Dreams are just dreams… I’m stupid to think that I even have a chance.

I’m not being down on myself here. I’m being realistic. I’ve been thinking about things since waking up from my dream earlier. I just don’t think I should go for it. I have thought about all the aspects of the potential issues and it’s far too complicated. I do have some feelings when it comes to this other person. I can’t see them even considering me for a start. If they were remotely interested in me then they’d have made contact by now. I’m afraid of approaching a proper relationship. I’ve never had a proper relationship with a guy let alone a woman. I’m not even sure about the physical side of a relationship with either sex. That is going to confuse anyone that I do decide to get to know. The age gap is approaching 30 years. They have at least one child that is younger than me. They’re all girls so they may not accept me being around. I don’t want those complications. And, if things did go wrong, they live within in the same area as me, that would be difficult. Then my family will probably make a big deal out of the age gap. I don’t care about the difference but others around us potentially could have an issue. I’m not sure if I just want to be more like friends than a proper relationship. I’ve had so many bad experiences that I don’t even think it’s wise to take a chance now.

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