I slept a lot.

I slept for hours like I had literally been knocked out. I’m still a bit tired. I shouldn’t be. I have gone for a walk to wake up. I still have my bag constantly catching the ends of my hair. I don’t want that after I have just had the bad ends chopped off. I’m not vain. I just don’t want certain things I’ve paid for undone for as long as possible. The layers won’t grow down properly if bits break off either. I have to look a decent for at least a little while. I know that is a challenge nowadays but I’m not admitting defeat. Whether you like it or not, keeping a decent physical appearance is important when you run something public, media and writing. Along with resisting the urge to tell certain people to get lost when your patience is wearing thin. I know a lot of people but at the same time many are some I merely just tolerate. I would rather not rip someone apart by saying this game that will damage their confidence forever. Autism is not a persons fault so rather than saying things that will break someone for the rest of their lives I ignore behaviours that irritate me. I know what it’s like to be on the other end of interactions that will affect people negatively for the rest of their lives. I have decided that not everything needs an answer. I’m too busy to answer things straight away. I still give a shit but sometimes I need a break.