I slept but still extremely disorganised!

I actually managed to sleep at night. I woke up for a few hours between about half two and half 4. I watched a few episodes of something on catch up tv and then fell back to sleep. I was cutting it fine this morning. I got up at 8 and had to quickly tidy the place before I went out. I didn’t have to do much because mum came over to tidy my place yesterday. Well, we both had to contribute. That’s why I ended up in a mood by the end of yesterday. I was still early for my first appointment but still too late to turn back to make sure I’d turned the heating off. Disorganised!!!! I stood there waiting for 15 minutes looking suspicious. I don’t like waiting around in case people think I’m up to no good. Even if you haven’t done something in a small town you somehow get told that you have done something that is totally news to you! I have to be careful now that I’m more known with blog etc. They’ll get told where to go if they start on my past though. I think that I may have left the heating on which shows how disorganised I am! And now I’ve just got a phone call saying that the message didn’t get through that they had to let themselves in to do whatever in flat this morning.