I am fed up. Why can’t things be simple?

I’ve had a much more stressful day than I thought I’d have when I started my day. Seriously? Why can’t people just do what has been arranged? I know what I arranged last week but somehow that didn’t happen today. I can’t do anything when I was out anyway. I lost half my nail lengths on two fingers because that is what happens when you have anaemia. I had a good few inches off my hair because the ends aren’t great due to health reasons either. The ends of nails and hair break when you’ve got low iron. At least know my eyesight hasn’t got worse. Then I am like ‘do you have to sell the flat’ to my landlord because I got so fed up of being messed about by the arrangements not actually happening. I’m not repeating their answer on here because it’s a private conversation. Apparently I decided to chose try this option (sell me as a sitting tenant) before they sell it at the end of the contract. Yes, I did, however, I knew that was my only option to be able not have to uproot myself to move somewhere else at this point. I’m not in the best position myself at the moment.