I actually feel less depressed for the first time this week.

Yes I am awake again but actually feel less depressed. The flat is in a much better state than it was at the beginning of the week. I had a nearly normal walk because my ankle let me do it without hurting. It seems to be getting better. It does ache a bit but until it’s fully healed that’s going to be expected. It seems to be less swollen now. I keep it supported with one of those support sock things when I walk. That makes it strong enough to go distances. I put ice on it when I get home. That takes any swelling down that has happened when I’ve walked. I think that I’ve lost a little bit of weight too. However that may be water weight not actual weight. I’ve just got to bed after getting all my washing dried, ironed (not all items) and put away. It’s quite late but at least that’s all done. I must be tired enough to sleep, I’ve walked about 5 mile and been sorting things out for hours, I must have worn myself out today after I got up.