Early night… hopefully I get up on time.

I’m a bit afraid of not being up early enough. I set my alarm but I am so bad at pressing the snooze button. I am in bed early to give myself the best chance of getting at least a few hours of sleep. I hope the cats don’t disturb me. Mimi has gone over the fence into another garden. Mister is outside and so is the wandering cat, Dave. Mister came in looking like he had been scrapping with another cat. He had a scratch down his nose and looked a little rough. He seemed ok today. I hear Dave and mister having mini fights occasionally. They are both Tom cats that share a garden. That can sometimes cause arguments. I thought Mimi had gone out for the night. She has just come back and decided jump on my bed while repeatedly walking over me. She obviously didn’t find anything interesting outside. I’m feeling sleepy so hopefully I will actually sleep tonight. I need to reset my sleep pattern so that I don’t sleep during the day. I have to be up tomorrow as I’ve got a lot on so I need to sleep tonight. I’m so glad my ankle is feeling better. That kept me awake for weeks. I have to park the car and walk from one part of town to the other tomorrow. I could move my car but it wouldn’t really save time going back to fetch it so that I can park in another car park. I’m hoping that I can get parked where I’m planning to go otherwise I will have to use a car park which means having to pay.

I am already paying enough out on that trip tomorrow as having hair cut, eyebrows waxed (pre paid on app) and if my glasses prescription needs altering then I will have to pay a percentage towards that too. I’m not too fussed about changing my frames. I only use them for reading rather than all the time. I know that they’ll try to sell me another frame if I need a stronger prescription… they always try to do the same thing. If I needed glasses all the time for everything then it would be worth it. Then there is anti blue light filters/ anti glare night filters. I just want to be able to see to read stuff. I don’t need all the extra frills. I can see in my current glasses. I only have one working eye, the other is lazy so it doesn’t focus, which means that I probably will end up having to wear glasses more as I get older. I don’t drive with my glasses on at this point but in the future that might be necessary. I use them on the computer (prevents headaches) and for reading.

Anyway, I have to log off before I end up rambling on and not sleeping.