Self conscious already.

You know when you are preparing to make a move looking as attractive as you can possibly do with the looks you’ve got to work with??? Well, I took one look at myself and already feel self conscious. I keep comparing myself and hating my face so much! The fact that I found out that they tried to label me Down syndrome when I was born doesn’t help matters. I even had a fat face as a baby. I know that it still looks like a pug and even if I lose weight it still doesn’t look much better. It’s not just my looks, it’s questioning whether I’m good enough… whether I deserve to be happy with someone I know I’ve liked for ages. How many others I have to be in competition with and who looks the better option out there whole of us. How do I push my autism aside so it doesn’t mess things up before I can get in there. That’s something I’ve let get in the way with all the people I like in the past.