I totally failed today!

I only got up at 4pm. I got up this morning to fed cats, have breakfast and take medication. I barely slept last night so went back to bed. I woke up with a headache because my sinuses got blocked up as I hadn’t blown my nose all day. I did blow my nose when I got up later but I’m left with that woolly swollen eye feeling. I’ve not even drank alcohol since Friday when I was watching that disastrous football match… yet I feel hung over. It might be the side effects of the tablets I have to take when my monthlies kick off. I’m at least free of that today. It’s still there but behaving itself. I’ve woken up with really wavy hair. I do braid it to prevent split ends but it never normally goes this wavy. I decided to go out for a trial walk today to see how my ankle reacts to a bit of exercise. I’m not going far. Well, not far in terms of my normal miles. I’m literally walking in a circle locally. I hope it doesn’t rain because the sky is looking rather dark and I keep feeling the odd spit of water on me. It looks less dark in the direction I’m going so hopefully I can dodge the rain is it does actually start. It feels so much harder walking when I haven’t done it for a few days. I can’t rest my ankle any longer it’s getting stiff. I just have to not over do it which isn’t easy for me. I am no good with balance. I either tip one way or another. I’m just wanting to not be injured any longer.