Finally better now :)

The medication has finally started to actually work. I’m a lot more comfortable now. I didn’t have to take another dose yet so hopefully it’s done with the worse part this month. It was being ridiculous today. The ankle is still swollen but not as bad as it was because I stopped doing walking etc. It has become stiff though which is just as difficult to walk on. It’s the longest day today (21st). I hope it doesn’t feel like a long day. I have to tidy up before Friday because pictures are being taken for sale of flat. They won’t want things everywhere and loads of washing drying. I know that I have days until it’s got to be done but I probably will keep putting it off until the day before. I must be getting old because I’m watching BBC Four. It’s about someone’s dad who had a similar end to mine. It brings back memories but not in a bad way. I’m just glad he’s not suffering any longer. I have accepted that he’s gone. Life just sometimes happens that way.