Nightmare day.

Here’s me thinking it’s going to be a chilled day, lay in until my food shop is due to arrive, tidy up a bit and then go to a relatives for Sunday lunch. Nope! I was wrong! Firstly, my monthly has kicked off big time. The medication I’ve taken for it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect. It’s still ridiculously heavy and has made me so afraid of leaking everywhere that I’ve actually got spare trousers and underwear just in case. I have the most heavy duty pads on. I’m just hoping it settles down because I can’t take anything for it until at least 8pm. I’ve took 3 doses spread out since last night. It should have kicked in by now. I literally had to have a bath when I got up earlier. Dave, the wandering cat, strolled in with my food delivery earlier. Then Mimi, my cat, decided she wanted to come in just as I was going out the door. I was hoovering and doing various bits around the flat so I haven’t had chance to sit down today. It’s really stressful having to visit the toilet several times while trying to do other things. Seriously, I hope it just starts to behave itself soon. I’m fed up.