I’m worried when my cat disappears in the rain.

It’s raining quite badly and Mister (cat) hasn’t come in yet. He’s normally in by now if it’s raining that much. It’s unusual for him to just stroll off into the rain and not be back quite quickly. It’s been hours now. Even Mimi (other cat), doesn’t want to go out tonight. She normally spends most of her life outside. Hopefully he will come in soon probably wondering why I got so worried about him not coming back. He’s probably found something more interesting out there than anything in here. He was asleep nearly the whole day so he’s probably got a load of energy to use up. We have a main road one side of us, that makes me nervous in case one of my cats decides to go further than the garden and gets itself ran over. They’re both microchipped so they probably wouldn’t get lost.

He has just walked in now as I was about to post this entry. He is wet and has just moaned at me. You’re the stupid idiot that went out in the rain. It’s not my fault you’ve ended up wet. I was waiting two hours or more for him to come in. He’s now licking off the rain water. He just jumped on my nice clean bed covers with dirty mud on him. I don’t know why I bother sometimes. They just undo everything I have tidied or cleaned. He’s seen me hobbling around in pain all day. I struggled to do anything today. He’s attempted to clean himself but he could have not jumped on the bed.