Awake at a stupid hour yet again.

I’m sat in the dark but still can’t sleep. I slept too long during the day. Then I start my monthly, why does it appear at the most annoying times? It’s 4 am! Sometimes hormones stop people from sleeping. I’m always on edge just before I come on. If I’m going to have a falling out with another person it is always in the fortnight leading up to coming on. Insomnia feels like I’m climbing up the walls waiting for the morning. Ironically I actually was more stable when I was pregnant with my son. Pregnancy normally sends women completely crazy. I was actually more calmer until it got up to the point of going through birth which sky rocked my anxiety. I was petrified of the pain. Anyway, back to the present day. The place I’m living in is going on the market… hopefully an investor buys it to be a rental otherwise I’m out at the end of my current contract. I’m making myself scarce next Friday (I was going to be out that day as my hair appointment and sight test is that morning) and the estate agent is letting themselves in to take photos and do something they need to do for a certificate. Then I have to make sure everything is tidy and clean when there are viewings. I don’t need to be in for them. I did say afternoon though because I am barely sleeping at night right now. Sleep isn’t easy with my ankle injury deciding to hurt while I’m trying to get to sleep. I did try to rest it today. I didn’t go for a walk etc. I did pop the supermarket in the car which also isn’t that great for my ankle as it’s on the clutch side, it would have been so much easier if it had been the other side as I’d be putting less pressure on it to drive. I don’t have to drive again until Sunday so it gets 2 days of proper rest. I injured it weeks ago. I wish it would just hurry up and heal. I am being nagged by friends to ring the doctors again to get it looked at… but last time I did that it wasn’t successful. I either had to wait two weeks or try to get an appointment on the day by ringing at 8am (if everyone does that then it’s all a matter of quickest is the lucky ones to get the available appointments. I haven’t felt right in general for a while but as we have been in a pandemic I’ve just dealt with it. I may have dealt with it by not being sober a lot but now I’m sober the majority of the time. I hate it but for the sake of my weight and skin I’m going to have to quit alcohol all together.