Social media… I was never a fan.

I’m a reluctant social media user. I know that it seems the opposite. I was only on Facebook (do not add me) until 2014. I only joined Twitter due to the fact that the university I started insisted that we were on Twitter being media related degree. I stayed on Twitter and started using it for personal/blog usage when university didn’t work out. The younger generation kept telling me that I should join Instagram. I eventually decided to do so in 2019. Then the TikTok generation kept inviting me to watch their videos. I therefore decided to try it. I still feel old on these media platforms but look young enough to blend in. I think I would have enjoyed it being very social media influenced at school because I would have a way to get rid of my shyness when it comes to talking face to face. You have the choice to mix up the communication nowadays. We had to still use the phone to ring people when I was at school. I think that those wider options would have helped me get friends and connect better with people so that we were closer than what I currently have in my life.