I’m resting, only doing what I have to do.

I shouldn’t have gone for a long walk again yesterday. I have decides that I’m just going to let my ankle repair completely before trying to do stuff like that. It’s swollen again and I end up retaining more water than normal which makes me fatter. The water from my ankle just starts filling me up everywhere. That doesn’t help right now because my monthly also fills me with water a week before it arrives. I can still fit into a size 10 (very close fit) but my measurements are a size 16. It makes no sense whatsoever. I do need to completely knock the alcohol on the head. I’ve had a pack of 10 little bottles already this week without being aware I was doing until I’d finished the pack. I did the daily sit down for a drink thing every day for the last few days in the evening. I can see it in my face and skin that I over did it. I actually felt better for not drinking alcohol. I then started buying the odd pack which led back into needing it and you literally have to pull yourself away to stop again. I’m good at that as I’m quite hard with myself as no one else is going to physically make me quit it. I have to do it with painkillers regularly. I had to take them for certain things but have to stop myself relying on them.