I’m not the mad one.

I had someone get into me online who was local try to tell me that I was mentally ill ( not in a good way). I’m most definitely not. I’m more sure about myself than I ever have in my life. I’m not happy but there isn’t a quick fix for that. I am accepting that many people do not believe in psychics etc. That doesn’t make me mentally ill for being able to do that. Yes, this is a small area with extremely small minds but we do not live in the dark ages where we still burn witches or anyone we perceive to have abilities at the stake. I’m open about what I can do but I have proved that I can do those things so I’m not mentally ill otherwise they’d be delusions… I know the difference because I was put in a hospital under a section when I got into trouble as a teenager. I lived alongside people who did have delusions. They don’t know what day it is, let alone their own names sometimes. I had to prove that I was different. Despite the fact that it weirded people out I managed to prove that my abilities were weren’t delusions because I was too accurate. I was locked in a secure hospital, no access to the outside world l, no internet, no ability to see people from the outside. I couldn’t get the information I fed back to staff any other way but to pick it up using my abilities. I was out of that place off my section within a year. I was only 20 (feels like a long time ago now I’m 33). So don’t start giving all that shit about me being mentally ill rather than legit able to do these things. I’ve already proven myself at a young age to technically survive the system. If my son has the same abilities (my dad could do it a bit unintentionally) then those adopters will have no idea how to help him as it gets stronger when he hits his teenage years. I guess you’ll be wanting his real mother to explain it all at that point. If he is the same there’s people have taken on more than they hoped. That means I can connect with him by a connection they can’t see. I will make sure that he acts up so badly that they will finally hand him back where he belongs.