I have ballooned recently… definitely not bloomed. I can’t summon any body confidence right now.


I sadly didn’t feel any body confidence when I took the above photo. Granted, my size 10 clothes are rather tight at the moment but I sti feel like a fat lump. I look fatter than last week and I’ve cut down on everything dodgy that I’ve eaten in the last year. I feel like calling myself a fat cow when I look at myself. Cameras aren’t flattering when you’ve got excess weight at the best of times. I no longer have any looks. I’m just a fat turd. If I went to the doctors and demanded tests they’d dismiss weight gain. They just think you’re a fat person looking for an excuse to blame something. I’ve gained at least 5lbs in just a week after cutting out some of the crap in my diet. It’s completely illogical. I’ve not even put on the curves in a flattering way. I look like a toothpaste lump and my body is the tube where the odd bit has got stuck in clumps. I am tearful and my ankle does hurt but if I don’t do exercise I won’t get rid of this crap.