Early night didn’t go to plan.

I fell asleep earlier but woke up after just an hour. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that due to my allergies kicking off. I got up to use my allergy relief spray and take a painkiller because I have a headache due to the build up in my head. I love the nice weather but the hay fever isn’t pleasant. I was feeling sick earlier because the heat was a bit much. At least I got to sleep for an hour which was something. I’m hoping to be knocked out again once painkiller kicks in. It will get rid of my headache and ankle pain (yes it’s swollen again after being on it all day) which has kept me awake for the last two hours. I’m probably not going to sleep great anyway because I know I have to be up early to make sure I’m organised and everything is tidy before that person drops in tomorrow. I hope it’s quick and my landlord doesn’t tag along. I said some things I can’t take back. I just can’t face them right now. I’m overwhelmed by things enough … without having to see people that I’m not keen on at the moment due to how I feel about the situation. I’m hurt by their decision and can’t help taking it personally.